Just a couple hours’ drive from the Santiago Airport, Portillo sits on the major thoroughfare that connects Argentina and Chile. Oft described as a cruise ship in the mountains, due to its fully inclusive nature, Portillo has been run by an ex-pat family since the ‘60s. The high alpine terrain, which includes the famous 5,000-plus-foot Super C couloir, trickles down to a crystal clear lake and is accessed by about a dozen chair and surface lifts. The area’s high altitude also helps to preserve snow between storms but a new, $3 million snowmaking system will be turned on in 2019, further bolstering the resort's snowpack.


Skiable Acres:




Vertical Drop:

2,743 feet

Distance To Airport:

102 miles




How To Get There

Once you fly into Santiago (SCL), you can drive yourself the 102 miles to Portillo via a combo of scenic highways. But, to really soak in the views, reserve a shuttle to bring you to and from the world-famous ski resort.


Where To Stay

You won’t beat the views from the iconic Hotel Portillo but the Octagon Lodge offers most of the same amenities with a smaller price tag. If your budget is begging for something even less expensive, the Inca Lodge is a ski bum’s paradise.

Travel Tips From The Pros:

Always pack a few of your favorite mountain snacks knowing that you won’t be able to get them in South America. If you feel like you have the room, throw in some peanut butter and hot sauce… two things that I have yet to find in South America.

— Michelle Parker

Where To Ski

Portillo is an expert skier’s dream resort. On powder days, take a few laps on Garganta and Condor–which are left ungroomed when it dumps–before traversing back to Primavera Run for more deep turns. Put the pedal to the metal on Kilometro Lanzado and if you’re up for a challenge, make the long hike to the Super C couloir to earn 5,200 vertical feet of steep, challenging chute skiing. If the hike doesn’t make it hard to breathe, the views will. Note: If you plan on skiing off-piste, be sure to have the proper safety equipment, knowledge and a partner.

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Where To Eat

If you’re staying at Hotel Portillo or the Octagon Lodge, four daily meals–breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner–are part of your package. If you’re laying your head down at the Inca Lodge, four meals a day are served in the self-service cafeteria. To switch things up, take a jaunt over to the Posada Restaurant for delicious, yet affordable, fare.



There’s no place for après quite like Tio Bobs. As the sun starts to set, head down to the Portillo Bar for live music, drinks and snacks and for a real party, the Posada Restaurant turns into a bar with a live DJ starting at 11:30 p.m. local time.